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Weekly Activity Drops – Send weekly themed activities to parents, including printable crafts, games, and educational exercises that focus on different developmental skills.



Home Fit EE: Weekly Activity Drops – Spark Joy & Fun in Your Family Routine!

Tired of the same old routine? Looking for ways to inject fun and excitement into your family’s week? Introducing Home Fit EE’s Weekly Activity Drops – a treasure trove of fresh ideas delivered straight to your inbox!

Here’s what you get each week:

  • Engaging Activities for All Ages: Discover a variety of age-appropriate activities designed to spark imagination, creativity, and physical activity.
  • Themed Fun: From celebrating holidays to exploring new hobbies, our weekly themes keep things interesting and engaging for the whole family.
  • Easy Implementation: Each activity comes with clear instructions, a list of needed materials (often household items!), and estimated time commitment.
  • Quality Family Time Made Easy: Ditch the screen time and create lasting memories by bonding over shared experiences.
  • Boost in Learning & Development: Our activities are designed to promote critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and social interaction in a fun and engaging way.

Benefits of Weekly Activity Drops:

  • Combat Boredom: Say goodbye to the dreaded “I’m bored!” and hello to a week filled with exciting new activities.
  • Build Stronger Family Bonds: Create lasting memories through shared experiences that strengthen communication and teamwork.
  • Spark Creativity and Learning: Our activities encourage children to explore their imaginations, develop new skills, and learn new things.
  • Reduce Screen Time: Find healthy alternatives to electronics and encourage active, engaged play.
  • Convenience is Key: No more scrambling for ideas – new activities are delivered straight to your inbox, ready to implement!

Home Fit EE’s Weekly Activity Drops are the perfect way to add a spark of joy and excitement to your family’s routine. Sign up today and unlock a world of fun and connection!

By purchasing the Monthly subscription products you will be automatically enrolled in our 30 days membership program where you will be billed initially on the 7th day of the purchase and receive the products. Every week thereafter we will send you a new Package for the remainder of your 30 day subscription without an additional charge. Every 30 days thereafter we will send you a new product for same price of the initial one.  This is a recurring order until you cancel. You can cancel your subscription anytime by calling us at +1 (719) 402 7520 or email us at support@homefitee.com